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Mathias Lauridsen, fuck eye candy, he’s like eye crack


Sooooo Danielle reminded me of how amazingly good looking Mathias Lauridsen is.  I can’t believe she saw him in person!  WTF.  I think I might have died or fainted or something.  He’s seriously sooo gorgous.  Way to go Denmark!


The closest thing I will get to do in terms of touching a male’s chest




Dark Elsa

this reminds me of the soot snow that always fell when the fire nation invaded the water tribe

or the results of the Ashmounts in ancient Scadrial during the days of The Final Empire

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This puppy is so cute

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i swear to god dude if you don’t stop i’ll fucking hold your hand and tell you i love you

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what if you woke up christmas morning and your favorite character or celebrity was just casually sitting by the christmas tree with a bow on their head and was just like “oh good you’re finally awake”

*Rapidly tries to make hair look decent*

but then they were all “no your hair looks fine” and they laughed

and then after a long somewhat awkward amount of silence they were just like

"i like your pajamas"

i would cry

But.. what if you don’t wear pajamas? 


what the fuck did i just watch i dont

.I, don’t know why I watched all of it.

This is disturbing.

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